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What is an admixture? 

Admixtures are Ingredients in concrete other than cement, water and aggregates that are added to the mixture immediately before or during mixing. Concrete admixtures typically are added to enhance the qualities of the finished product. As one of the area’s leaders when it comes to ready-mix materials, Maschmeyer has a complete range of admixtures used in concrete. This means you can trust us to deliver concrete with the admixtures that are right for your project. Our expertise means you’ll end up with the results you’re looking for and get the most value for your budget. Read on to learn more about all the different types of concrete admixtures we supply and what they can do for you.


Examples of Concrete Admixtures


Accelerating admixtures speed up the time it take for concrete to get hard.  Concrete accelerators are especially useful in colder environments, concrete pavement repairs, and to increase job-site efficiency by allowing faster finishing and stripping of forms.

Air Entrainment

The use of an air entraining admixture introduces microscopic air bubbles into the concrete.  Concrete air entrainers are necessary in freeze thaw environments to prevent scaling and surface damage.  Other uses are improved chemical resistance, improved workability and reduction of segregation and bleeding.

Corrosion Inhibitor

 The use of corrosion inhibiting admixture delays the corrosion, due to chlorides in the air of water, of steel reinforcement in concrete thus increasing the service life of a structure. Typical uses are parking garages, condo balconies, bridge decks and various marine structures.

Shrinkage Reducers

These chemicals reduce the normal shrinkage of concrete thus reducing the potential for drying shrinkage cracks and curling.

Shrinkage Compensating

Similar purpose of a shrinkage reducer however instead of just limiting the amount of shrinkage the shrinkage compensating admixtures actually expand during early ages of curing and contract back to original volume thus resulting in little to no shrinkage.​

High Range Water Reducer

Using this admixture allows greater workability without the addition of water. This produces a more flowing concrete allowing the concrete to be placed with less effort and minimal consolidation while maintaining concrete mix cohesion.


Similar to high range water reducers SCC admixtures allow greater workability without the addition of water.  In addition these admixtures provide highly workable concrete well above normal workability ranges and do not require consolidation.


Used to reduce the permeability of concrete.  Typically used in concrete that will receive moisture sensitive flooring, water retaining structures and marine concrete.

Viscosity Modifying

Used to hold the ingredients in a concrete mix together at higher slumps and prevent segregation.  Typically used in self consolidation concrete, underwater concrete and long pump application.


Retarders are the opposite of accelerators. Retarders reduce the rate of hydration therefore allowing sufficient time for placing and finishing operations in warmer weather.

Silica Fume

This admixture is used to improve concrete durability and strength.  Typically used to densify concrete for abrasion resistance and chemical ingress.

Water Reducer

Standard water reducers are used to reduce the amount of water used in the concrete mixes as well as improves workability and strength.

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